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Sherman SILBER (USA)

Dr. Sherman Silber is a pioneer in microsurgery and IVF. He performed the earliest microsurgical vasectomy reversals, the first testicle transplant in the 1970s, and, more recently, the first ovary transplant.  He was the earliest developer of the TESE and MESA techniques with ICSI for retrieving testicular and epididymal sperm in azoospermic men.  His center in St. Louis was the first to transport the ICSI technique from Belgium to the United States. He was also one of the first in the U.S. to perform and popularize the vitrification of eggs, embryos, and ovarian tissue.  He headed the clinical portion of the MIT team that first mapped and sequenced the Y chromosome in infertile men and discovered the DAZ gene for male fertility.  He has authored textbooks for clinicians and patients, and more than 240 scientific papers on human infertility and reproduction.