Ovarian Club X and CoGEN in Asia


Tin-chiu LI (Hong Kong)

Prof TC Li returned from England to Hong Kong to join the Chinese University of Hong Kong in May 2014. He and is currently Director of Reproductive Medicine & Surgery of Prince of Wales Hospital. He has a special interest in recurrent miscarriage, implantation failure, reproductive surgery and congenital uterine anomaly. He is a board member of the ASPIRE and will host the ASPIRE annual meeting in Hong Kong 2-5 May 2019.


New Development in Surgical Treatment of Uterus and Endometrial Pathology

The treatment of severe intrauterine adhesions represents a challenge not only because of high complication rates including incomplete treatment, the creation of false passage and perforation, but also because of the high likelihood of recurrence leading to unsatisfactory outcome and disappointment. Recent research focused on three aspects, namely, methods to prevent recurrence, primary prevention and novel atraumatic surgical techniques. The use of balloon therapy to remove and prevent recurrence of intrauterine adhesions will be described and discussed.